Custom Plush Design


Toy, pattern, and costume design, editorial prop (2009–2012)

***I'm sorry to say that I no longer provide custom plush design, but if you're the DIY sort, you might find this post useful.***


Super Burrito Body Pillow

Designed for The Bold Italic print issue #4, and later sold in their shop. 

Fleece, felt, lamé, wool roving, upholstery foam, fabric paint, spray point, upholstery thread, polyester fiberfill

Approx. 38" x 14" diameter


Bold Burrito Costume

The "Bold Burrito" became the mascot for the magazine. This costume was commissioned for a West Coast event and video tour.

Velour, felt, lamé, cotton jersey, wool roving, upholstery foam, plastic screen mesh, fabric paint, spray point, upholstery thread, polyester fiberfill, adjustable interior steel snap straps

Approx. 48" x 24" diameter


Mitch the Monster

Created for Neon Monster from the character by Reuben Rude

Fleece, felt, polyester fiberfill, plastic pellets, polyester thread, vinyl bag

Approx. 15" x 11" x 6"



Created for The Brothers Washburn from the character by Travis Lampe

Fleece, felt, polyester fiberfill stuffing, thread, PET pellets, screen printing ink 

Approx. 14” x 4” diameter