Brand Design & Strategy

I help businesses define, design, and execute their brands. Services I provide:

  1. Naming
  2. Visual identity (logo, colors, type, illustration/animation styles, etc.)
  3. Brand attributes and values definition
  4. Brand awareness marketing strategy

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Social proof

My work has been published in titles by Chronicle Books, Klutz/Scholastic, Uppercase, Monsa Books and Quarry Books, and featured in media outlets including The New York TimesThe San Francisco ChronicleEveryday with Rachel Ray, Vogue Japan and on Canal+ Television. I have launched two successful toy lines including my current line, the Deep Creeps, which can be found in stores across the globe.


Money talk

When I'm not designing, I enjoy teaching other creative professionals about small business and financial topics. I've filmed two bookkeeping classes through Creative Live, I run workshops at conferences and events, and have contributed articles to several creative blogs, including design*sponge and Craftzine. From 2009-2011, I co-founded and programmed the Conference of Creative Entrepreneurs.  


Artist’s Statement

My work evokes nostalgia for the present. I create highly edited artifacts of contemporary culture, displaying the shiniest and most precious reflection possible. My work is unabashedly escapist, hinting at some simple, childish perfection just around the corner.

I use bright colors and simple, iconic shapes to evoke joy and ease; I use balance, symmetry and clean construction to evoke order and security; I use warm, natural, tactile materials, such as fabric, paper and wood, to create inviting and desirable forms. Each piece calls out to be touched, cherished and kept, while simultaneously demanding that it be preserved in its original, immaculate form. My work plays on the tension between our childish desire to play and learn, and our adult, consumerist desire to collect and admire.